Friday, 4 June 2010

Kloy Nagro goes to Paradise

Kloy Nagro goes to Paradise

Fifteen years ago Kloy Nagro's village was completely wiped-out by the Great Earthquake and Kloy was lucky to escape with his life. A passing eagle plucked Kloy from the edge of the widening gap in the field where he was playing with his toys and dumped him safely in the crown of a tree where he was later found by the rescue services.

So why is Kloy Nagro now on his way to the bus station with a bomb in his rucksack, you might well ask.

The person who can answer that question best is Kloy Nagro himself. Unfortunately by the time we catch up with him he will have blown himself and six others to smithereens.

Kloy Nagro's professor at the New University would also know the answer since it was he who planted the seeds of discontent in Kloy's mind before giving him the bomb.

Unfortunately we can't ask the professor either.

The professor's 90-year old mother happened to be on the same bus as Kloy Nagro. She was reduced to a Breaking News statistic.

The lead writer on the Three Suns newspaper will write that the mind of a great professor has sadly been reduced to that of a gibbering idiot.

Micro-seconds after the bomb exploded Kloy Nagro found himself sitting in the sunshine on the bank of a meandering river in a green and pleasant land. Birdsong trilled through the still air. Rainbow fish splashed in the low mist on the river. Somewhere nearby somebody was playing a soft melody on a harp. It's wonderful, thought Kloy, just like the professor said it would be.

Kloy rose to his feet and gazed at the pastoral scene with great happiness in his humble subatomic heart.

Looking about him he was delighted to see that he was not alone. There were some animals; sheep, goats, and cows grazing in a nearby field.

And over there; why there were some nice looking people too. They were standing in the shade of a plane tree. Suddenly, almost joyfully it seemed, the small group ran towards Kloy Nagro.

In the bright sunlight a large bird circled overhead.



  1. I enjoyed the turn in the story, and that Nagro found the peace he sought.

    (Hope the muscle pull gets better sooner than later.)

  2. Thanks Mike and Pat.

    I've packed away the running shoes for as long as it takes. Sometimes at 60-odd it takes a while to get the body mended. But I'll bounce back eventually. Up to now I have, anyway.


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