Monday, 28 June 2010

roman soldier

marcus aurelius
a mosquito drilled him
the fatal wound


I recently visited Corbridge (UK) and Carnuntum (AUT) on the trail of the great Roman soldier and philosopher. At Carnuntum I was bitten from head to foot by many mosquitoes. Fortunately for me the Carnuntum mosquitoes are relatively harmless these days. Another fate is continually bestowed upon millions of poor people, especially children, in Africa and elsewhere.

In 1944 my father-to-be contracted malaria from a mosquito bite during war service as an engineer in India. He received the appropriate medical treatment and, luckily for me as well, he survived. Is it beyond our power in 2010AD to provide proper medicine and care for the needy and the deserving when and where it is required? If we can rescue irresponsible bankers from bankruptcy we can surely rescue the poor and vulnerable from the mosquito.


  1. THANK YOU for stopping by for tea. I don't even mind that you are a simple teabag dipper. Your lack of sugar cubes and boiling foreplay is not lost on me, because I must confess on busy days, I don't always have time for full leaf tea and steeping hourglasses. Your blog(s) are lovely. Stop by for tea again soon, and we can slurp together.

  2. Mosquito love me too Gwilym - if there is one within a mile he will find me out. I do agree about care in the third world - click on my link to noma in Africa to see the appalling disfigurement to children through malnutrition and lack of anti biotics - shameful.

    Incidentally, if you have time please read my recent RS Thomas blog - I would be interested in your comments.

  3. Thanks for the invitation Madison. I'll drop by whenever the kettle is on. I can smell a fresh cup of a mile away.

    My Welsh grandma had a big black burbling kettle going all day on the coals. Just like a witch.

  4. Ah, then we are of the same sweet tasting blood, my Weaver.
    Will check RST and let you know.

  5. that's it John,
    after all, what are we fighting for?


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