Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Feedjit

Byron - Egyptian joker!

Now I'd completely forgotten about that old post. But fortunately a visitor from New Mexico via the Feedjit tool drew my attention to it.

When I read old posts, and they are so often ones that I've forgotten about, I'm amazed at how interesting and informative they sometimes are. And so this is a plug for the Feedjit Live Traffic Feed.

If you're a bardic blogger or a merely a surfer who likes to drop by on Poet-in-Residence I'd recommend looking at the Feedjit Live Traffic feed column. You may, like me, be taken to a world full of poetry surprises.

Simply keep an eye on the subject titles of what people are reading - these are written below their national flags in the Feedjit column in right margin. These flags change from time to time according to where the last 10 visitors to Poet in Residence have arrived from. When you see that someone has been reading a subject that you think might be of interest just click on that subject title. For example, a visitor from Australia has a short time ago visited a page titled "Charlotte Mew - Part 1". If you'd like to see what that's all about click on the line/s of text next to the appropriate flag.

Best bardic wishes,
Gwilym Williams


  1. Pat, thanks for the Q.

    I've now added an extra few lines of 'how to do' explanation


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