Thursday, 15 July 2010


they no longer come
and go in fiery chariots
- spin along time



  1. cool picture. and poem.

    it appears you have to kick that last syllable down a rung to make it a haiku.

    I wrote a story once where aliens masqueraded as shopping carts used by the homeless.

  2. Clowncar,
    Today's haikuists are pretty tolerant when it comes to sybl count. I've had some featured on the Japanese site (Asahi-S in my links) and haven't bothered with counting sybls. Gerald England's the man for haiku. He once sent me an invaluable book on how to do them.
    Apropos your homeless story I've just bought a book of cartoons from a homeless organization; one of the first cartoons is of two bankers. The German word for park bench is bank. And so the one whose home is a park bench is a banker too!
    Nice link to Cassini. I spent some time on Titan over there. Will travel again.


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