Thursday, 19 August 2010

3 Haiku from Samuel Beckett

Have just eaten
I regret to say
three bananas

(Krapp's Last Tape)

Clear away this muck
Chuck it in the sea
So white


Screw down the lids
My anger subsides
I'd like to pee

(Waiting for Godot)



  1. A regular reader just e-mailed me about these haiku. She commented that she liked them.

    I must point out in reply that the words really are as written and in the order set down by Samuel Beckett. They are taken straight from the texts mentioned.

    Not one word has been added or deleted (except stage directions and such). I take no credit. It's only a matter of looking.

  2. How did I miss these last year? Quiet delightful.

  3. Thank you Jim, yes they are wonderful. I must look for more when I get the chance.


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