Friday, 20 August 2010


Höflein's hillside venue for poetry

presented by LABYRINTH POETS:

The 3rd höfleiner donauweiten poesiefestival, an open air summer weekend of poetry, music and wine, with a panoramic view of the Danube will feature poets and musicians from near and far.

The venue is Bergheuriger Schuecker at the village of Höflein, near Vienna. The dates and times are Saturday 28th August 2010, 12:00 - 18:00, Sunday 29th August 2010, 12:00 - 18:00.

The following poets have, at the time of writing, been invited to read and/or perform: Hanane Aad (Leb), Jean Almeida (USA), Corneliu Anoniu (Rom), Walter Baco (Aut), Marian Bednarek (Pol), Dieter Berdel (Aut), Daniela Beuren (Aut), Franz Blaha (Aut), Tarek Eltayeb (Sud), Dagmar Fischer (Aut), Toby Fischer (Aut), Wolfgang Glechner (Aut), Heimo Handl (Aut), Nathan Horowitz (USA), Cornelia Hülmbauer (Aut), Aftab Hussein (Pak), Sarita Jenamani (Ind), Elisabeth Jupiter (Aut), Ka (Aut), Christian Katt (Aut), Hannes Lapesch (Aut), Manuel Ramos Martinez (Chil), Melamar (Aut), Karl Menrad (Aut), Lydia Mischkulnig (Aut), Enrique Moya (Ven), Chibo Onyeiji (Nig), Renee Paschen (Can), Gabriele Petricek (Aut), Sylvia Petter (Aus), Gwilym Williams (UK), Evelyn Holloway (Aut), Heinz Pusitz (Aut), Cristina Rascon (Mex), Wolfhang Ratz (Aut), Carlota Rokita (USA), Dana Rufolo (USA), Rati Saxena (Ind), Susanne Scholl (Aut), Victoria Slavuski (Arg), Peter Sragher (Rom), Najem Wali (Iraq), Peter Waugh (UK), Bernhard Widder (Aut), and Janus Zeitstein (Aut).



  1. Sounds a super occasion - marred for me by the fact that I do not speak a word of German.

  2. It's in many languages not only German. By the time you're on your third glass of Zweigelt you won't care what langauge they are in.

  3. I'll bet this will be a great event!

  4. Should be fun. My fingers are firmly crossed for decent weather. You can guest with your guitar :)

  5. I attended the Saturday session. It ws held inside due to inclement weather. The Sunday session will be outdoors. The weather is much improved.
    I was the second poet to read. I read 4 poems. A new quarterly poetry journal was presented but it was in German so I didn't subscribe. A guy from Venezuela played some great Spanish guitar. A poet from Romania was the first special guest. He spoke in his native language, with a German translator at his side. A lady read from the first chapter of her new novel. I met a dear friend I haven't seen for months (seems like years) we shall meet again soon. I went for a short walk by the nearby Danube and thought of the unfortunate people of Pakistan.


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