Saturday, 28 August 2010

small french poem 5

goose-liver paste
and partridges
fallen from the clouds
everywhere and
in all directions
laugh in your sleeve
egregious fool
wiser than wise
with belly to the ground
speak little and well
find repose in yourself

speak of the wolf
to see his tail



  1. What I want to know is how French women remain so elegant when living on a diet which involves partridges and goose liver paste - is your poem specifically aimed at men? (probably so as I think men are much more likely to be egregious fools!) Sorry is that sexist?

  2. Pat,
    you are of course absolutely right about those much more likely foolish men - but there is no sexism here - words fall how and where they fall, it's the only way.

  3. Why does the thought of fallen words bring to mind a fallen woman? Is it because women speak more words in a day than men? (Scientifically proven fact, I believe...)

  4. jinksy, I'm a mere male and as such I'm not going to enter the dangerous waters you talk about :)


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