Friday, 8 October 2010

The Computer

In this age of mice and men
and flat screens,

the flip-up keyboard,
the A3 rubberised mousepad,

it went on strike
just when I needed it most

and refusing to speak to anyone
it gave the universe the cold shoulder

like a god skulking inside
a fridge full of beer bottles

it was clearly drunk on its own power
and its brushed aluminium window was firmly closed

to the world of electronic com un catio
I g t me a blind gnu viros nd gon on slike was the lost thang ip zet



  1. Love it. Sounds to me as though you are grasping at straws in a darkened room! Bring back the old typewriter and its tatty old ribbon, I say.

  2. Pat, I'm very pleased that you like it. Believe it or not it was inspired by Seamus Heaney's famous poem The Turnip Snedder.

  3. Or indeed influenced by Edwin Morgan's poems on his old typewriter where the letters fall down the page and create new ones.

  4. Thanks Gordon. Memo to self: Must read more Edwin Morgan.


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