Monday, 11 October 2010

Old bricks

After much dawdling and dithering I called-in Baggers Gmbh. As per my brutal instructions they ruthlessly demolished the blog known as Accrington Brick. No trace of it remains. Not even brick dust.

As the whole edifice was falling, almost as an afterthought, I ran in and grabbed as many of the once precious bricks as could be carried. I've piled them here. Re-named them.

Old bricks

fresh snowfall
on the top of the hill
the cloven footprint

this hard frost
on the war memorial
6 plastic red roses

the old farmer
up and down the furrows
over the brow

for two days
flock of strange birds
- nobody knows them

7 women
shivery in the snow
6 red candles

open the curtain
look out of the window
- the monument is no longer there


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