Sunday, 3 October 2010

Padrig's poem

a natural cross with its three hearts

Padrig, or St Patrick as he is commonly known these days, was born circa 387AD in Cumbria which in those days was in the land of Cymru (nowadays Cymru is much smaller and is better known as Wales). Padrig died circa 461AD in Ireland.

There is a place in Cumbria which is named after him. It is called Patterdale. This dale is at the foot of Derwentwater in the Lake District National Park.

Local tradition has it that St Patrick preached in Patterdale. This may well be so for it is believed that he crossed the Irish Sea and landed at Heysham Head, a headland close to Morecambe a seaside town popularly known as the Gateway to The Lakes.

Here is the poem. It is said that these words are from the man himself.

Padrig's poem

Our God, God of all,
God of Heaven and Earth, Seas and Rivers,
God of Sun and Moon, of all the Stars,
God of High Mountain and Lowly Valley,
God over Heaven and in Heaven and under Heaven;
He has a Dwelling in Heaven and Earth and Sea
And all things that are in them,
He inspires all things,
He quickens all things,
He is over all Things,
He supports all.



  1. I didn't know that about Patterdale - wasn't even sure where it was. Only knew about Patterdale terriers!

  2. Thank you for things I didn't know, and for words I have not heard. Quite beautiful.

  3. Thanks Pat, is your bonnie pooch perchance a Pattie? I always think she's a Yorkie.
    Titus, so glad you enjoyed.


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