Sunday, 21 November 2010

A poem for Rene´ Magritte

the meaning rests in having precisely no meaning when they do not want to be decoded and they want to remain secret charming enigmatic and the top hats of decent bourgeois attire mother's suicide was far from charming but was enigmatic her face was covered with a cloth when found in a river nothing is hidden behind a cloth and there is only the canvas and the wall and behind the wall something or maybe not anything at all but all pictures must raise questions as with the moods inspired by the sounds of language so we do not construct a difference between painting and poetry but carry our concepts with us into the magical doors in trees when we go to look at the new laid egg of the bird that is called clairvoyance and sense a spirit close to our own in a world where everything visible hides something else visible and words can make us believe that we can transform a woman's flesh into the sky and return to the hotel suite with the dog and unlock the door and meet georgette under the owls and the unsolvable riddles of surreal unconscious dreams where the man with the bowler hat bewilders the viewer and mystery is trying to make familiar objects wail and to topple over the order and to say this is a horse or a valise or a pipe would be a lie as this is only the image of a clock you think


  1. You might find this site of interest: mark young’s Series Magritte. At the very least you’ll likely come across some pictures you’ve never seen before.

  2. Thanks Jim, you have pointed me there before but other readers may also like to look. There's a new post there dated 12th November.


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