Saturday, 27 November 2010

On La Jolla Shore beach

- for Jacob Bronowski

the silver sequined
full moon's dancing fish
sits and fits herself
tails low into the sand
to lay her eggs above the waterline
for him to fertilise
by dancing round in slippery tight embrace
ejecting froth
as only a gyrating grunion can
and this even as she lays
in rhythm with the tides
these eggs that will incubate and hatch
in 9 or 10 days time
when the waves return to wash them to the sea


  1. lovely group here in my absence

  2. Och aye, John (from the first snow of winter).

  3. Well! The internal rhyme, the alliteration, the imagery - all a perfect package. I particularly love the first two lines. and the way fish, sits, fits, play off each other and the s sounds in silver sequined. Not to mention that gyrating grunion, decked out like Salome in a glitter of words.
    Your new picture on my followers list just registered - heaven knows wen you actually changed it. It put me in mind of Ted Hugh's Thought Fox. Very Nice.

  4. Thanks Mairi. I've swapped the fox for a rat and dedicated my blog to the courage of the world's writers.

  5. Liked the s and sh sounds throughout. La Jolla beach is a beautiful spot.

  6. You're still showing as a fox on my site. Much more handsome, but I applaud your rat, and his intentions.

  7. Hello Mairi, I'm more of a rat than a fox :)


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