Monday, 22 November 2010

At the bus stop

After the skittles
the old man peels an apple
and dreams of the past

In the window
of the shop for second-hand books
the gray cat sleeps in the afternoon sun

And over the street
the girl pegs out the sheets and pyjamas
of a concentration camp victim now grown old

While in the flat above
a cantankerous old fool is on a TV comedy show

And below on the corner
a modern-day minstrel strums a euphonious elegy

And a spider dies in his cap

A man on a bicycle cycles past
with a string of onions over his handlebars
and a rose in his mouth

In a garden
a bird eats hemlock

The sound of a train is heard from a distance

And above City Hall
in a symphony of light
the last flying saucer is consumed by flames

The old man looks at his wrist

And sees that the bus
is late



  1. So many good poems added ...i especially like the poignancy in 'Last Tram', this one and "On the Green Hills Far Away"

    Great set,

    btw, i couldn't make out which post you were saying at Kuni-san's...but thanks anyway for reading, Gwilym :)


  2. This is brilliant, Gwilym. So many images - each could spawn their own poem!

  3. This is one of the benefits of waiting for buses - time to observe and take note. Brings it all to life!

  4. I like the way this one evolves from memories to imaginings. At least I assume the spacecraft was imagined.

  5. wonderful. particularly the "And a spider dies in his cap"

    that saucer at the end was a surprise. I prefer to think it was real. but no more important than anything else happening in the poem.

  6. Devika,
    Thanks. I was saying in passing I'd seen your last blogpost.

    Thanks and thanks also for my poem today on your Martian blog!

    Jim and Clown,
    He's an old man day-dreaming of course. And the symbols of dreams arise. But the clues to his identity involve an apple, the holocaust, the potential seducer and a space visitor destroyed. The cat (or sphinx) asleep is ancient the guardian of the knowledge (the old books).
    I know it's a bit vague. But in dreams the meaning of things, we may say the clues, are often so.

  7. Okay Gwilym...i's not sure of which blog or post you were talking about. I was wondering if it was Socio-Political or Certain Kind, anyway, obliged :)


  8. Okay, Gwilym :)



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