Wednesday, 29 December 2010

2. Middle Game

Triumph and ambition
Driving forces
In the quest for glorious victory
Lead now to more exchanges
Upon the middle ground - the DMZ
Exists no more upon the field of play -
Piecemeal revenge becomes the forcer
Advantage shifts and shifts again
Material loss brings loss of reason
Now the war game moves
Into the Middle Game
Where paths diverge
And previous struggles
In standard books
No longer serve
To point the way
And in the weekend papers
Bathchair generals
Muse on how the game
Should now unfold
Now that the End Game
mode is near ...



  1. thanks and a happy hogmanay to you and your family,
    best wishes for 2011

  2. Hi Gwilym, really like your blog. Would love to know what you think of some of my poetry and perhaps become a follower? Lou

  3. Louis, thanks for your comment. I'm pleased that you enjoyed the blog. Drop by here any time. Good luck in 2011 with your poetry.


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