Thursday, 16 December 2010

The new door

Behind the new door
the people burn only
with a noble desire
to unite and do good.
Please open the door
with goodness and grace
and look to the future
for the whole human race.
image: Lightbox RF
George Szirtes was recently selected to provide a poem for the door of Europe House. The poem was unveiled yesterday. You may read it and an account of the evening's events (via my links) on George Szirtes' blog. My poem, The new door, written after reading George's account is simply to remind us that the world does not end at the edge of Europe. What is done in Europe affects the lives of millions of people living on other continents. I'm thinking at this particular moment of somewhere in the west of Africa where local farmers, fishermen, market stallholders and others are feeling the rough edges of some of our EU trade policies.
It's basically good what we are trying to do in Europe. We are coming together after centuries of conflict. We are a child growing up. We are getting to know the other kids on the block. And we are also learning, I hope, to care for others less fortunate. It is a well-meaning and precocious child who stands at the door.


  1. Thank you John,
    and for your other comment too. Cairns - just piles of stones. But I've often been glad to to see one.
    Best wishes,


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