Thursday, 13 January 2011

Early shift

My olfactory bulb picks up
an unseen fact
- the coffee pot has boiled.

I reach for the radio's
on/off control
- hear morning blues
with Muddy Waters.

There's breaking news -

Old Red is trailing the convict
broke out from our local jail
- he strains on his leash
and drags the boys along.

I grip the remote.
TV is there.

Now mark this fact
that canine snuffler does not sniff the mist
for sweat or snot on scrap of rag
- with a runaway slave you'd have seen it so.

This tracker's nose
seeks other signatures
- blades and beetles crushed underfoot.

And where that trail doth lead
this half-blind hound will go
until the sheriff yells 'Stop or I shoot!'
and draws his bead
- that scene in the films
at least was true.

I rise from the bunk
and reach for the star.

The Hoochie Coochie Man is here.


  1. I read somewhere that to a dog, sniffing along the side of the road is like reading a newspaper.

  2. Think you need that coffee, Gwilym!

    I enjoyed this though I had to read it several times to get all the happenings. Liked the phrases 'olfactory bulb' and 'canine snuffler does not sniff the mist for sweat or snot on scrap of rag'.

  3. Hello Gordon, just had my coffee, it's a kind of muddy waters. In the paper Obama is calling for an end to hate in USA. He has me support. It's all very sad. Can poetry change the world? Maybe not but we must keep on trying.

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  5. Hearing Aids, glad to learn you enjoy the blog, and many thanks.


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