Saturday, 8 January 2011

Over the top

The Somme was a pointless battle in a pointless war begun by the royal houses of Europe, all of whom are closely related. It was one of the cruelest tricks in recorded history. To say it was 'over the top' is an understatment. Many who witnessed it were driven mad by the unprecedented horror.

Over the top

I will not sing from sorrow
I will not cry more tears

Though every night and morrow
Death is yawning dear

I will not sing and loudly cheer
I will not glorify those times

When pals and other glorious chaps
Died honourably in lines

I will not sing to pay the rent
I will not sing the hymns of battle

Now hear the piper's sad lament
Now hear the preacher's prattle



  1. this poem brings the atmosphere of this terrible war ,but also all the other wars.

  2. War is terrible. It's also a financial racket, as Maj.Gen. Smedley-Butler has told us.

    Thank you Anonymous.


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