Sunday, 13 February 2011


A joy that's shared is a joy made double.
- English proverb.

The 'Bard on the Run' blog has been reinstated.

I disabled Bard on the Run's comments facility several times in the last year or so due to persistent nuisance. They are again available. I hope the spam posters will leave it in peace.


  1. Spammity spam please buy my yams
    They're grown in BudaPEST-oh,
    If you happen to think it's just a scam,
    They go very well with PEST-o.

    I'd like to comment, your goodly verse
    brings thought to my spammity spam
    about medical aids prescribed by our nurse,
    that combat calamity can.

    My spammity spam is for your good
    I bring you of only the Best-OH!
    Enhancing your life, if only you would
    Not think of me just as a PEST-OH!

  2. very sorry, couldn't hold back

  3. The Gedle, Many thanks! Your kind of spam is the kind we prefer ;)

    by the way, I'm still waiting for someone to start the ball rolling at Poetry Rat....

  4. I'm tempted, and probably will join in at some stage... Thanks

  5. Blogger is getting better at sidelining spam comments into a spam filter. My Old Hyde blog gets a lot - always on older posts (I put moderation on for posts older than 10 days) but very little actually gets on the blog itself.

  6. Gerald, I think there's much less than there was so I'm running it again to test the water...


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