Friday, 25 February 2011

Snails & Slugs (1)

The Fingerprint Cyphoma

is a one inch snail
found in the seas
off the Florida Keys

but note this Mister Stevens
she gorges gorgonian
including sea rods and whips

and is yellow and cream
with black and gold prints
and is said to be relatively rare

unlike her cousin the West Indian
Simnia who changes her mantle
to match the gorgonian

and is common
but rarely


  1. very nicely put if I may say so and funny...which I like!

  2. Gerry, Titus, Pat and John, many thanks!
    You may have noticed too that the form of the poem, the way it's displayed, is a little bit like a snail crawling up the left margin of the page. That's the intention anyway!


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