Saturday, 5 February 2011


on the corner
of the cobbled street
at night

tricks of light

approaching clicks
of quick
stiletto heels...


This meditation was inspired by yesterday's photo of a street corner in Norwich (at George Szirtes' blog).


  1. Thank you Gerald. By the way, Orwell Diaries has just started posting on a parallel blog the daily entries from GO's Road to Wigan Pier diaries - it's now up to day 6 or thereabouts - 35 years ago today as it were. Now they are supremely evocative. For a start it's amazing how far the man walked every day. 10 miles was nothing. Last time I looked GO was in Macclesfield and heading north. I don't at the moment have time to find the link but when I do I will link PIR to it. You can find it out from JamesonLewis3rd at Orwell Diaries. You'll enjoy - I know you will.
    Best, Gwilym

  2. Re the above remark potential readers can try:


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