Monday, 7 March 2011

Beach scene

- for all those children mysteriously missing

to strawberry sun
white cryptic branching vase
lavender rope slate pencil mat
heart urchin red hair swimming
common blue true unbranched tulip
orange ball small venus girdle
thimble feather chocolate lynx
goose-neck nimble spray
umbrella bubble cryptic teardrop

bleeding teeth pearly orange crusting
tangled ribbon hairy clinging
split crown speck claw decorator
white speckled hermit stove pipe stinker
swollen claw
convoluted barrel
five toothed studded measled cowrie
tiny blunt armed inshore arrow

note: text uses only names of reef creatures
image: fotosearch royalty free


  1. Each separate line has a beauty all its own Gwilym.

  2. This gray winter skin is craving some strawberry sun.

  3. Thank you Pat. I have dutifully prepared you a fine dish of spaghetti worms.

    Tess, summer will be here before you know it!


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