Tuesday, 22 March 2011

D H Lawrence on the nail!

When I read of the latest European Union scandals in last weekend's Sunday Times - thank you Rupert Murdoch and congratulations on your 80th birthday! - I called yet again on my long past-aching head for an articulate observation to clarify it all, but this time I needn't have bothered.

The indomitable D H Lawrence, a favourite poet hereabouts and featured many times on the Poet-in-Residence blog had already nailed it all down; and as fast a horseshoe. Please take a look at some of DHL's best work via the blog search box if you haven't already done so.

Lord Tennyson and Lord Melchett

'Dost tha hear my horse's feet, as he canters away?
Property! Property! Property! that's what they seem to say!'

Do you hear my Rolls-Royce purr, as it glides away?
- I lick the cream off property! that's what it seems to say!

D H Lawrence (from More Pansies 1932)


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