Thursday, 24 March 2011

Earthquakes continue...

Another 15 earthquakes off Japan today!

Today's newly reported 7.1 earthquake in Thailand is most probably the 7.0 earthquake that is now reporting from Myanmar (Burma). This will be Myanmar's 4th significant earthquake in less than 3 hours. Some early reports speak of 70 dead.

'Experts' at Fukushima now finally admit, 11 days after the explosion, that a reactor core 'may' have been breached. It's not clear what the word 'may' actually means at TEPCO. It appears that a possible breach 'may' have happened on 14th March when a reactor (was it no.3?) exploded.

As with their numbers the truth 'may' mean nothing at TEPCO. History proves this 'may' be so.

Nuclear Update 25.3.2011:
And now the latest official TEPCO pronouncement from the slow moving daily spokesman in his heavy blue overalls is that the situation at Fukushima is "unforeseeable". Well, pardon me sitting here this morning in my 100% E-cotton t-shirt made in non-nuclear Bangladesh, but we who remember Chernobyl have been saying exactly the same thing for at least 2 weeks.


  1. That word 'may' covers a multitude of lies I always find. We really cannot believe anything that governments tell us.

  2. Hi Pat, it's an all encompassing word is 'may' isn't it? It covers a multitude of sins. They say it 'may' take 10 -
    14 days to get the reactors under control. Why don't they just admit they have no idea?

  3. "Why don't they just admit they have no idea?"

    Ah, it seems they they just have. "Unforeseeable" is the word they are now using.


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