Sunday, 13 March 2011


6th UPDATE: 17th March. After 6 days of inactivity the Japanese IAEA leader Amano leaves Vienna, Austria, bound for Japan. Meanwhile 'Wikileaks' releases papers re high-level India politicians allegedly involved in US nuclear energy payments scandal.

5th UPDATE: 17:00 CET 16th March. Partial meltdown in 2 reactors. Situation "out of control". "Catastrophe could arrive within a few hours." (EU Energy Commissioner's announcement - later withdrawn). Is this a sign of panic or is it reality? Only time will tell.

4th UPDATE: 16th March. RT reports this morning's radiation levels at Tokyo Airport 11 x normal and 100 miles north of Tokyo 300 x normal. Latest news bulletin at (or via link at top rt) also carries accounts of cover-ups and scandals at TEPCO, including as recently as 2003.

3rd UPDATE: 14:00 CET 15th March. - IAEA which is in fact a lobby for the nuclear energy industry is to hold its long awaited press conference here in Vienna in 90 minutes time. It is expected that it will give the unfolding nuclear catastrophe a score* of 6 on its own doomsday scenario scale. USA's 3 Mile Island scored a 5. Ukraine's Chernobyl 7.

*IAEA's assessment - Fukushima's doomsday rating is level 4. France rates it a 6. Who do you believe?

2nd UPDATE: 07:00 CET 16th March. - Following 2 more explosions and 'at the gate' radiation levels increasing to '3 years normal in 1 hour' the situation at Fukushima is going from bad to worse. Ivor Bennett a reporter for the Russian TV station RT speaking from a location 100kms from Fukushima said: "All international journalists I have spoken to are on their way out of Japan." RT predicted that the radiation cloud would reach Tokyo in 10 hours. A useful YouTube LINK to RT is NOW at the top of this page.

UPDATE: 11:01am 14th March (Japanese time) a 2nd explosion. This one at Fukushima Reactor no. 3 - the MOX Plutonium-Uranium Reactor. The heavily censored coverage at BBC World and CNN, where the views of industry's yes-men are being trotted out, is becoming embarrassing. Try: Sky News, Al Jazeera and Euronews. They seem OK for now. Best quality information is currently coming from the Russian TV station RT.

Because of what is happening NOW in Japan the nuclear energy era is approaching GAME OVER.

The annual honorarium, a system in which an obscene sum of money often exceeding $100,000 p.a. (paid for lending one's so-called good name to dubious and dangerous nuclear projects), a sum which drops as silently and invisibly as fallout in monthly installments into the ex-politico's hands (behind his and our backs) will at last, if there's any justice in the world, now come to an end.

Yes, the game is up! The world's corrupt politicians and others in receipt of annual nuclear industry honorariums are squirming with shame. With my own eyes I saw one of these nuclear industry yes-men literally squirming with shame only yesterday evening.

For too long the WORLD was fed disinformation piled upon disinformation. It became the preferred method of choice that the nuclear yes-men would blithely use to deal with unpleasant scenarios.

When the Japanese nuclear reactors were shut down we were told that Japan had 45 reactors, then the figure was raised to 50, now it has become 55. Before long it will doubtless become 60. And so on. Whatever the true number is, the plain fact is that the claim that Japan must have these nuclear reactors is a LIE.

These 'indispensable' nuclear reactors situated like a ring of fire around Japan produce a mere 30%* of the nation's requirements! This is nothing less than lunacy! Energy savings could bring nearly that much.

And so the earthquake's truth reveals more than lunacy; it reveals a WORLD living with a scientific madness fueled by political and industrial greed and a willingness to turn a blind eye for the sake of the so-called comfortable life; a comfortable life full of waste; a life where out-of-town supermarkets and luxury car showrooms are springing up like mushrooms on what used to be agricultural land; a good life where food is being grown to be thrown away or turned into petrol for luxury cars whilst millions of people have nothing to eat.

Regarding alternative energy sources the WORLD was, since the advent of nuclear energy, always told that these other methods were uneconomical, even impossible, that they would not work and even if they did they were likely to prove highly inefficient. These green energy sources will NOW suddenly and mysteriously be found to be in fact the most efficient and, most importantly, the cleanest and safest. Wind, tidal, solar, hydro, and geo-thermal will become almost overnight efficient and safe. Many other 'new' green energy sources will also be quickly developed and harnessed.

For the nuclear industry with its corrupt lobby and its grasping servants to greed and their many lackeys the GAME will soon be OVER. The obscenity is rapidly coming to an end.

*(i) there were plans to increase this figure to 50% - obviously these plans will now be shelved (ii) is it mere coincidence that the head of IAEA is a Japanese?


  1. "a sum which drops as silently and invisibly as fallout in monthly installments into the ex-politico's hands" is such a well turned phrase.

    not to mention true.

  2. Thanks Clowncar!
    For your info I have now posted a YOUTUBE LINK TO RT (Russian Television) where the best information seems to be coming from - the BBC has really let us down this time with its constant stream of spin from nuclear yes-men.


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