Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Misinformation and Disinformation

We are being brainwashed into 'thinking' that the unfolding Japanese nuclear disaster was due to an unforeseen 8.9 or 9.0 earthquake, and that the unforeseen fault was that the reactor(s) was/were 'designed' for a 'normal' maximum 7.5 earthquake (or some such scenario as they would have us believe).

This is a dangerous lie being trotted out as fact by those in receipt of nuclear industry honoraria. The early critics have all but disappeared from our TV screens. Even the BBC, a source I thought I could trust, was seriously back pedaling 3 or 4 days into the crisis. This was a news policy change which took place faster than you can say nuclear meltdown.

Overnight Aunty Beeb became Fox News. Right wing idiots were brought in to espouse right wing idiocy. And it wasn't very funny to watch. It was like a rerun of an old Benny Hill show.

And so, the RT Link duly appeared above.

What undid Fukoshima was a Tsunami. And the simple fact of the matter is that no-one can design a plant that can stand up to an overwhelming wall of water moving at 200 miles an hour when each cubic meter of water weighs 1 tonne. That is a weight of one tonne per cubic meter when stationary. Do the maths!

Remember these words: Misinformation and Disinformation. You'll be hearing them a lot when the truth gets out; which it will!


  1. I think there are just as many left wings nuts as right wing. And both are trying their damndest to lead us astray, playing the blame game. They are pushing us down some road of their own design. All I want is the straight, honest-to-god truth from those that be in the know.

    I think your comment about doing the math is right on. Nothing can withstand that, or very little without breaking in some way. I keep wondering to myself ... why oh why, did they build a nuclear station on top of an active fault. They (the Japanese Electrice Co.) were setting themselves up for disaster. And, I believe there are dozens more just like this one. My heart goes out to the citizens of Japan, who probably had no idea of the danger they were facing, after an earthquake/tsunami.

    We, the citizens of earth need to listen to our gut, and think for ourselves, and not follow the crowd to the left or right, because that's where you would normally go. Things like this disaster is too important to do so. I am for no nuclear, but we must find a way, quickly, to get cleaner, cheaper energy than coal.

    Where are all the Einsteins, the Bells, the Gallilei's, the Newtons, and the many who risked their lives or impoverished themselves while creating new ideas and inventions. We are greedy now ... we want money from large corporations before extending our scientific ideas.

    Eh, another soapbox moment.

  2. Welcome imvubu, here you can have as many soap box moments as you wish! The latest piece of 'news' to be released is that the radiation in the sea is 3,000 x the legal limit. So how did that 'suddenly' get there?

    The nuclear energy lobby is too strong. Money is no object. Palms will be greased. Here's an illustration:

    Do you know they have been going into high schools here in Austria to 'educate' the kids with reasons why another German Schrottmeiler on our border must be kept online for 10 years longer than planned. Fortunately Merkel seems to have backtracked - at least for now. But the question is what are these nuclear energy people doing in the schools - how did they get through the door - and where, in which politician's bank account, lies their money?

  3. I hope they don't play that wacky Benny Hill music over the video of the nuke plant. Because that would be wrong.

  4. I couldn't agree more. And welcome back from Disneyland. You survived it!


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