Tuesday, 8 March 2011

!st haiku contest - supporting small press publishing

The prize for the winning° haiku is a copy of KRAX 47. You may, if you are interested in entering this purely-for-fun contest, read my recent review of this eccentric rarity via the convenient Pulsar link in the right margin. My review is immediately preceded by a review of KRAX 46 from Neil Brooks. Best then to read both reviews, especially if you are not familiar with the KRAX ethos. Then you'll have an idea what you could be letting yourself in for!

Entry is quite simple. Just type a caption to the above photo in the comments box. This is one competition where the winner will NOT be judged on merit but will simply be the haiku which appeals to my unfathomable KRAXNESS. Anyone can enter. No need to be an experienced haikuist (is there such a word?). A child of ten, as Kit Williams* famously said of his hidden golden hare, is as likely to win as anyone else. Now go for it!

°life, like poetry, is not about winning
*author of Masquerade (pub: Jonathan Cape Ltd)
image: gw2011


  1. I'm lost for words, I'm afraid, Gwyilym: but I have plugged it on my facebook page.

  2. A light from within
    which illuminates heaven?
    Coals to Newcastle.

  3. Good luck with your erection Dominic! Your new radio mast mean.

    Jinksy, Thank you - you're in the lead!

  4. 1st April 2011:
    Jinksy is the winner! KRAX47 will soon be in the post.


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