Friday, 1 April 2011

Another Earthquake Link

Another Earthquake Link has been set up. The new Intellicast link is now here because it concentrates in the main on the 'Ring of Fire' earthquakes. There is for example much seismic activity in Baja California you might like to study. But on Intellicast you will not find such detail for earthquakes in other areas. In the Red Sea for example there have been 11 earthquakes in the last 24 hours, including 7 off the coast of Yemen. To find these you need to go to the other link, and there 'zoom-in' to your target earthquake; for example you could try yesterday's 4.8 in Eritrea. This action will bring up (under the map) a list of all the recent Red Sea earthquakes.


  1. Cad, Here's scary! A 6.3 in Crete (Greece) about 40 mins ago. No eye-witness reports on site yet. There's been a lot of seismic activity in that area in last couple of weeks.

  2. Intellicast now have it as a 5.9 (but in US they tend to record 0.2, 0.3 lower than Europe). It'll maybe end up finally a 6.1.

  3. It's about 60km offshore to north of Crete, and to the west of Mt Olympus, but it is much deeper than the original estimated 10km depth, so Crete should have escaped the worst of it - for now.


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