Friday, 8 April 2011

Worst case scenario continues

Earthquake debris is now floating around in the radioactive sea to the east of Japan.

The radioactive flotsam that seagulls, sharks and other sea creatures fail to consume will eventually end up on the beaches of California.

You can see the ocean drift projections at:

Crisis update:- More problems at the Onagawa nuclear plant (shut down since the 9.0 earthquake) following yesterday's 7.4 earthquake. Details from TEPCO, as we have come to expect are rather vague. They admit to "temporary loss of power" and "two leaks". The Onagawa plant is situated on a peninsula to the north-east of Sendai and close to the epicentre of the 7.4 earthquake.

China had filed an official complaint regarding the dumping of radiation into the sea at Fukushima according to ORF News.

Yesterday on TV an 'expert' from a university in the UK told viewers that the earthquakes (or aftershocks) in the Japan area were now running at 2 or 3 a day. I simply couldn't believe what this so-called 'expert' was saying and so I've checked the emsc-csem website and I can tell you that this is another case of yet another 'expert' promulgating the wrong information.

In the last 24 hours there have been 10 earthquakes of 4.0 or above in the Japan area. In fact since the 1st April there have been more than 80. In these times it is prudent to always double check what the 'experts' are telling you!

Almost all the world's 9.0+ recorded earthquakes have taken place in the northern part of the 'Ring of Fire': Alaska, Aleutian Islands, Kamchatka and Japan. The only exceptions are Chile and Indonesia. Alaska holds the record for the World's strongest earthquake at 9.6. and the USA's 8 (!!!) strongest earthquakes - all above 8.0 in severity.

You don't have to be a genius to see that Japan would likely be in the firing line of a tsunami triggered in Alaska! One look at a schoolchild's atlas would tell you that.

There must be some reason why there are ancient stones warning people not to build their houses in certain areas along the Japanese coastline. Perhaps those who built those nuclear plants at Fukushima and Onagawa should have heeded the wisdom of the stones.

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