Sunday, 29 May 2011

Nuclear Con-tainment!

"We're here to . . . improve nuclear safety to even higher levels" - Michael Weightman (IAEA) arriving in Japan.

You see, despite the fact that there are 3 meltdowns in progress, and the fact that a large area of Japan is uninhabitable, and that a 200 mile stretch of coastline is badly contaminated and the sea bed is also contaminated up to 40 miles offshore (TEPCO's "dilution is the solution" idea appears not to have worked) and that there are many other problems for the future including the health of the children in the medium and long term, and the seasonal typhoons in the short term, they still won't admit that the situation is dangerous or even unsafe. And they probably NEVER will.

To see what these people are really like go to the NRC-ACRS video on Arnie Gunderson's Fukushima Updates! Witness for yourself how they constantly interrupt him, try and prevent him from getting his message out, try to give him an uncomfortable passage through the generous speaking time of 5 minutes they have allowed him.

And I have to ask where's the WHO in all this? Why aren't their people accompanying the IAEA teams to Fukushima with a view to protecting our health?

The answer:
WHO - IAEA Agreement 1959. Nuclear con-tainment.

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