Saturday, 18 June 2011

Bye bye Western Gray Whale

When it comes to the unfolding tragedy of the Western Gray Whale the sad fact is that there are now only 30 breeding females left in the world.

The 130 world population of Western Gray Whales lives in the radioactive ocean around Japan; the area from Kamchatka in the north to the tip of Japan in the south, to Sakhalin Island in the west and along the eastern seaboard of Japan is their feeding ground.

At least 3 whales* suffering from the effects of Fukushima radiation have already been found in the ocean near Japan.

The WWF's Heather Sohl says of the Western Gray: The death of just one mature female each year could send it on the track to certain extinction.

The WWF is trying to stop plans for a third oil-drilling platform off Sakhalin Island by Sakhalin Energy (i.e. Shell) and calling for a sanctuary to be established in the whales' feeding zones.

It is too late. The food-chain has already been compromised. The sentence of death has been pronounced.

Man, with his insatiable appetite for power, is the enemy of nature and therefore of the Planet.

What shall we write on the Western Gray's watery tomb? That we didn't mean to do it? That it will never happen again? That we are sorry?

Sadly, having now destroyed this beautiful and intelligent life, this great and graceful 15 meter long creature which has been around for hundreds of millions of years longer than man, we shall, as we always do, simply carry on regardless.

Bye bye Western Gray Whale. May you rest in peace.
*Minke Whales


  1. When will man realised that he is just one single item in the chain of living things in the world, rather than the most important? Man has become so arrogant - power and money over rule everything else and we are powerless to stop it.

  2. You are absolutely right. Unless something changes soon, we may like the Western Gray Whale be facing our doom.

    Problems now being reported at a nuke plant 60km from Kyoto!


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