Monday, 27 June 2011

The Dogs of Woe

Two stray dogs seen wandering around the Fukushima plant have been rescued by animal lover Hiroshi Hoshi.

A TEPCO official said: "The dogs were on our premises so they must be our property. They must be returned."

Mr Hoshi has rescued many other animals.

You don't want know the rest!
e.g. Humans testing positive for radiation in urine. . .
TEPCO officials just don't appear to get it. After feeding us with false data for more than 3 months and contaminating large areas of the planet, in spite of what the news blackouts would have you believe, they now feign concern for 2 stray dogs. Barking mad, I call it.

There are unconfirmed suggestions surfacing on the internet that unscrupulous organizations may be using the cover of the Fukushima disaster to slyly release their own nuclear waste problems into the environment. Surely nobody would stoop so low as that - or would they?

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