Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Faster driver - releasing clutch

He appeared through a swathe of gray-ash fog
that buried a city up to the rooflines
on a late unsettling autumn day
the conductor - Maestro Silvio-tone -
in hotel 5-star elegance
was shoe shined stiff-
white-collar shirted
precisely shaved, notecase fat
and broad felt hat
the gloved-up fists
in leatherette kids . . .

. . . he requested me
in a guttural Sprache
to conduct him to the terminal schnell
where the warmed-up jets are whining
away in the Flugbahn fog
and banking away
on the gold-tipped clouds
- now there shall be no going back -
he grinned when he said
the broadsheet press was on the case
and then
when he left
he slipped me the notes

- a bisserl Trinkgeld!
for all the trouble



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