Friday, 3 June 2011

In Japan it's definitely not all over bar the shouting . . .

Yesterday's earthquake energy release was the greatest in a 24 hour period since the 21st April 2011. Seismic activity shows no sign of letting up.

With the onset of the typhoon season and the continuing instability below ground the situation is set to become seriously grim. Small wonder that even some of the Japanese themselves are beginning to question, if only in whispers, the quality of the information being filtered down to the ordinary citizen in the sushi bar.

With the evolving situation in mind, and the urgent need for up-to-date information, I shall post (at right) a link to the Energy News website.

Energy News is an amazingly active website where dedicated people who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and work almost round the clock it seems, try and collate and record all the known and little-known facts lurking behind the Fukushima cover-up.

The fate of the innocent Japanese child-lambs instructed to wear suitable long-sleeved shirts to schools where mechanical shovels and trucks are busily removing radioactive topsoil from the playing fields is meanwhile in the balance . . .


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