Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Red Moon Rising

At 22:12 CET tomorrow night, here where I am based, in Central Europe there will be a Lunar Eclipse and the moon will turn red like blood as it says in the scriptures.

I shall be out and about with my camera and if the sky is clear and I can get a good shot of the astronomical event I shall post the image here.

>unfortunately my camera was not up to the job and there was also, as this morning's local news is reporting, a problem here with smog - hope you had better luck where you are<*

What does it mean, this biblical talk of the moon as red as blood and if my childhood Sunday School memory serves me correctly the sun as black as sackcloth (which of course it was in the mystery of night to the ancient scribes)?

The ancient peoples may have imagined that the sun, a disc, somehow turned black and so disguised retraced its path in the night across the firmament to the point where it would once again appear at dawn, for of course they knew that the Earth was flat and was the only solid surface below the sky (or Heaven) and above the inferno (or Hell).

They definitely did NOT mean the solar eclipse, for then the sun shows its corona and therefore is not and never is a black disc.

So we have sackcloth and blood. In other words DEATH.

A tension is building. You may sense it.

*CLICK on RT NEWS LINK in sidebar for ECLIPSE VIDEO >>> From Russia with Moon >>>


  1. Can some one tell me the time of the lunar eclipse in India time? It’s starting and ending time.

  2. so many red moons in history...so much of tension and human strife - sometimes life is just as enough to end it; sometimes one needs a few more years-- a few more white/yellow/blue and red moons :)


  3. I think I could not consider myself lucky even if its visible here, duh its cloudy. Yah, so much for the excitement. I hope someone could get a video out of this one. outsourcing company


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