Friday, 29 July 2011

500,000,000 YouTube clicks for RT

RT (motto "Question More") becomes the first 24-hour news channel to hit 500million views.

There's a link to RT on this blog. RT is the channel for getting the real news out of Japan. Reporter Sean Thomas is risking his own health over there to bring the world the real story of the scandalous Fukushima cover-up! Where are the others, you might well ask? Why aren't they delving into the human tragedy behind the worst ever nuclear incident. The answer is: Nuclear money talks.

Well done, RT! Please, for all our sakes, keep your questioning light shining into the world's dark corners.


  1. Money talks full stop Gwilym. Always has, always will.

  2. You're not wrong Pat, that's why its all such a corrupt mess.


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