Thursday, 28 July 2011


often cast their shadows before them

There's a lot to read in the Norwegian crusader's 1500 page manifesto titled 2083 but I don't propose to read it. I shall rely on others to do that and also the time consuming analysis. I recall hearing the news. It was that a bomb (or something) had exploded near the Norwegian Prime Minister's office. The situation was unclear. Two people may have died. Before long another newscaster broke in and said that the American intelligence services had named the Islamic organization responsible. He even gave us the name. I forget what it was, it was very long. As the day wore on and another truth was revealed I found myself thinking of Peter the Hermit . . .


  1. Almost a case of "no news is good news" Gwilym most of the time.

  2. Indeed.

    What strikes me is the way the mainstream media rushed out to blame people who had absolutely nothing to do with it.

    Is the mainstream media relevant any more? Or are they just mouthpieces of self-interest and the security apparatus JFK and Ike warned us against?

    And when you want real facts, like Fukushima - where half the planet is under threat - you can't get them.

    Is Murdoch's blue-eyed boy still in no. 10, still running the so-called Govt.?

  3. I learn more about the real news through local bloggers, facebook and sometimes twitter than the official media these days.


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