Thursday, 7 July 2011

"Life is . . .

not having a nuclear power plant."
Fernwärme, Vienna

When the Emperor of Japan visited Vienna in 2002 he may have noticed the Fernwärme - and maybe he wondered what it was? It is green energy. It is in the middle of the city. It is safe.


  1. Green energy is definitely the way...But nations like India, China, Japan, US....It might be a long long way to go, to meet the energy needs of the growing populace,


  2. Of course "the growing populace" will have very little to say in the matter . . .


  3. Possibly not, Gwilym...For India h renewable enrgy has been one of the major impetus in the recent past...and that is through public-private partnership - which means a lot of public opinion is taken into consideration...

    China's lowering growth rate targest could be another example of considering Green energy in the scheme of things...Japan/US too must be giving due consideration....because things are changing across the regards to energy needs,

    Atleast we have rays of hope....the latest India's partnership announced today, with South African nations towards developing renewable energy sources,

    we hope it all bears some fruit,

    best wishes,

  4. Thanks Devika, let's hope you're right!

  5. They say that 90,000,000 live within 30km of nuclear plants. That figure include a lot of children and babies wouldn't it? Recently 3 reactors have been stopped by jellyfish, 1 stopped through a lightning strike, 2 stopped through floods, and in France 1 had a fire, etc., nothing unusual there. I think we waited 25 years to get from Chernobyl to Fukushima Daiichi and Daini (the latter which you never hear about) and the next to go melt down will come within 10 years, and then in 5 years - and then really frequently - every couple of years - as they get older - many which should be out of service have had the green light for another 20 years. There are more than 600 and their number is increasing.


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