Monday, 8 August 2011

The Bora

Men with BIG tractors
are on the beach
dismantling summer
and carting it away
- the San Carlo Snackpoint
- the plastic coconut trees
- the neo-African huts
- the Wacko's Snacks
and the Bora
benevolent as ever
with its froth in its teeth
is ripping the last half-masted Jolly Roger to shreds
as it waves ashore and deposits
- the blue pigeon
- the surgical glove
- the massage comfort shoe
- the bottle of no message
- the rusted can of Wizard Airwick
- and all the signs
of the END


  1. Sounds like a scene of devastation...

  2. How sad - all that rubbish washed up on the beach when I want it to be pristine. Whenever I go to the seaside I am always disappointed by what I see, so maybe I should stay at home.

  3. Hi Jinksy and Pat, I didn't mention Italia although I was thinking of Venice Lido. Honest ;). Too big to fail or too big to rescue? We shall wait and see.

  4. I pop a plastic bag in the side pocket and look ever more like an old woman as I gather the rubbish of our generation from the edge of our lovely land....[polish halo]...then I think...what could I make with these bits and pieces? maybe an installation piece with the metal and fishing line and bits of driftwood.
    Great poem...thankyou for the thoughts.

  5. Gerry, thank you for your comments. The beach in question is the Lido near Venice. I don't swim there anymore. The Po is not far away.


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