Thursday, 11 August 2011

Red flag flying

Looks likes something serious is going on!

This map (note the date: y/m/d) shows another nuclear power station in big trouble. The red flag on the right is the one we all know about. The red flag on on the left is, at the present time, something of a mystery.

I have put the map here as an emergency measure in case the website where I found this information gets hacked or taken down. Or in case there's a cover up. Please, if you can, save it for now.

Updates will follow.
. . .
Update 1:
Fukui (not to be confused with Fukushima, which as you can see is on the opposite coast) was shutdown due to loss of pressure on 15th July 2011. That was the last news on it - until now, 2.59uSv/h. Nothing appears to have been reported on the mainstream news channels as yet.
Update 2:
Source reports that radiation spike is either from Monju Fast Breeder or Tsugura*. He tends to favour Tsugura as having the problem due to its previous history. High levels detected in Fukui and Kyoto. Still no official announcements forthcoming.
Update 3: All quiet on the eastern front?

*Tsugura reactor is a real dinosaur. It's the oldest in Japan. There's a claim on a Japanese website that it doesn't even have an emergency vent. Not that these vents on Mk1 reactors always work properly anyway. Sometimes they get jammed, and then you can't close them. The reactor was supposed to be shut down in 2010 but it was decided to extend its life until 2016. It has a veritable catalogue of serious problems.


  1. I think I read something about this in the Times Gwilym. I see that some countries are going to phase out nuclear power over the next decade - by then it may well be far too late methinks.

  2. An NHK World docu made in July reveals that there are places in Japan that are off the scale - even well over the deadly Red Forest of Chernobyl levels -


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