Wednesday, 14 September 2011

at pre-dinner cocktails

fails to impress hoste$$ & ho$t
.sticks to his point. doesn't
do small

i.m. Thomas Bernhard - author of Woodcutters.


  1. I am not sure I get the meaning of this Gwilym.

  2. Pat, it was supposed to be in the shape a cocktail glass - but I suddenly got interrupted, it'll
    have an edit tomorrow if I get the time!

  3. Pat, now got the finished version up together with an explanatory dedication! Corruption and criminal activity, in politics and high society, which Bernhard liked to expose, has been raising its ugly head yet again. Ex-ministers (5 or 6) are now suspected of involvement in behind the scenes deals involving millions of euros.

  4. thanks John - the story is that the unnamed guest, who is in fact TB himself, sits in an ohrsessel (a chair with ears) in a corner behind the door and listens to the cocktail party conversations the scandalmongering, lies and pretentiousness that passes for having a good time in the course of one evening


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