Thursday, 8 September 2011

s u p e r n o v a

They said
on the News
there's now a new star
to be seen
above the Plough's handle
- so into my field
with my glass
I did go

And lo and behold
it was there
to be seen
that promised thumbprint
of light
was hardly a star
it was more
of a smudge
an allusion
to something
down here

I phoned
to my neighbour
whose place it was o'er
and he
promptly replied
he'd step out
and look up
but soon he phoned
with the news
that the star
wasn't over
his place:
"It's over
the tree
by the lake
on the hill!"

We both
went to look
but there
it was not
not even its fuzzy
- then it started
to rain
and we both

And when
the rain stopped
I went back
to my field
and lo and behold
I could see it

The star
was back
my neighbour


*the brightest supernova for 40 years they had said -
and so naturally last night it was cloudy!


  1. Brilliant jaunty poem, Gwilym! It's always someone else's star.

  2. and some are born under a wondering star - they spend all their lives wondering - which is better than worrying ;)

  3. I intend looking tonight as at the moment the plough is directly outside our back door Gwilym.

  4. Pat, good luck, here it's cloudy again, in fact there's a barely perceptible drizzle, but since you live on a farm I imagine the plough is fairly often outside the back door! You go to the 2nd star on the handle and continue on a straight line to find the fuzzy blob supernova - which must be an amazing sight close up ;)

  5. I'll take a look, cloud permitting!

  6. an astropoem that makes me smile - as always too many clouds around here

  7. And clouds here too, Gerald, third night in a row!


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