Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Uncle Salvador's Cigar

This deceptively light collection fairly sparks off the page.

Gordon Mason is best known to me through his multi-lingual poetry website 'Catapult to Mars'. You can visit 'Catapult to Mars' via my 'updated blogs' link* (as many 'Poet-in-Residence' visitors will already be aware).

Gordon's latest offering Uncle Salvador's Cigar is appropriately a limited edition collection. It consists of 30 poems (or Lots) arranged in numerical order and bound in handsome cigar wrapper orange. It is published by Red Ceilings Press. It's about the size of a cigarillo packet and it's probably much better for your health than smoking.

Some of the poems have previously appeared in Red Ceilings, Menagerie and Raven Images.

Lot 26
a Mandolin Cantali labelled 'Alfredo Albertini'.

Albertini's mandolin
plucks roses from woodsmoke
that clings to a balcony
as an unfurled plaque.

String vibrations
ebb and flow, yes and no.
Notes tremble
under a naked blue sky.

Most mornings would stop
for a coffee to be killed.
A mandolin morning
drinks its own caffeine.

Lot 26 (c) Gordon Mason 2011

*unfortunately the Catapult to Mars link is no longer active


  1. He's such a fine poet - I'll be checking this book. Thanks!

  2. Thanks 'Tumble'! Afraid it is sold out though.


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