Friday, 21 October 2011

Fenced Wall

for Homeland Security.
2, And it came to pass that they
built a Wall which they called a
Fenced Wall by name.
3, And the Lord saw that it was
4, Then the Lord said: Now that
you have built the Fenced Wall
place a mark on your people so
that they may come and go and
no enemy may enter.
5, And when they had placed a
mark on the people the Lord
appeared again.
6, Then the Lord said: My work
is done. I am the Lord.
7, No man shall enter or leave his
house without he hath the mark.
8, No man, woman or child shall
buy or sell his goods without the
9, No man, woman or child shall
visit with their neighbour without
they both have the mark.
10, No child shall travel to school
without he hath the mark.
11, No


  1. There is a lot of sad truth in that poem Gwilym.

    Glad to hear you are an apple pie man - join the farmer. And i am afraid you are wrong - I have made a pear tart. As for local cheese - I find Wensleydale a bit feeble for my taste - give me a good bit of roquefort any day.

  2. You are right about the "sad truth". See the quote from JFK in the quotes section now at the foot of the blog.

    I hope you all had a lovely time with the pear tart and roquefort. I was nearly right ;)


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