Friday, 7 October 2011

Revolving doors

Life is nothing but a game of madness - Erasmus of Rotterdam "The Praise of Folly"
Life is nothing but a Monopoly board - PiR

Revolving doors
to volumes of law
leather look books
and out for more

if called to account
one enters here
and begs one's leave

to board
to play one's cards
- those up one's sleeves -
to go past Go!
to take the dough

Who took the world's money!
I said the shoe
swift as my stride

Who lacerated the economies!
I said the iron
when I glowed with pride

Round and round
the mulberry board
Tenures of war
and ten years more . . .

George Szirtes (bloglink at right) reveals that today is National Poetry Day and the theme is 'Games'. Hence the above. Thank you George.


  1. thxs for the poem, I feel the same way. in the game of monoply there is only one winner, and then it all goes back in the box. great work, to bad you didn't win, but then again obama won and that says a lot. peace out.

  2. Fabulous! So right and with such a lovely use of words and rhythm....I could say it over and over. I never was any good at monopoly!

  3. Great number, Gwilym ... depth of feeling but fun of rhythm and image.

  4. Nice, Gwilym. Real serious fun.

  5. Yes - ten years ago today and what has been achieved other than many dead and wounded. What grieves me is that all the 'ordinary' people said it would not work in Afghanistan, and all the powers that be said it would. II don't think there is any winner here - it just goes on and one - I find monopoly like that too.

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  7. nice stuff here Gwilym (congrats on Wales in the semis)

  8. Many thanx for all your recent comments and to the many who visit here and leave no comment thanx to you too.


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