Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Someone stole the last piece of cheese said the maid to the cook with the (recipe) book

On the clock in the house
Not I said the mouse

Not I said the rat
Tipping his hat

Nor I said the crow
The crow in the snow

Not I said the cat
Curled-up on the mat

Not I said the dog
Outside in the fog

Not I said the sheep
For the sheep was asleep

Nor I said the girl
Twiddling her curl

Not I said the boy
Playing with his toy

Not I said the youth
A little uncouth

Not I said the soldier
For I was not here

Nor I said the priest
A priest on his knees

Not I said the judge
A judge with a grudge

Nor I said the banker
And not without rancor

Nor we said the king
And they all kissed his ring

Mickey Mouse clock
photo courtesy e-bay.


  1. T'was no doubt a wee mouse
    who lived in the house.

  2. Hi Pat, now you're taking the mickey ? ;)


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