Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Blessed are the Peacemakers

People are afraid. They do not know what is going to happen in these uncertain times. They fear that the Devil is abroad.

Today's high priests on their golden thrones in their palaces and other places of power are corrupt beyond belief. They have lost sight of the true message and the reason we are here on this Earth. They are only interested in their own narrow spectrum of self-interest. They even have their own banks and their own soldiery. They excuse all manner of violence. They are not the Peacemakers.

I abandoned them when I discovered they had abandoned the path of peace - if they had ever been on it which I doubt. The whole history of the world's 'official' religions is a bloody nightmare. I will have no part of it. Jesus said: If God were your Father you would love me.

The teachers of the Law
brought in a woman.

They said: In the Law
Moses commanded us
to stone such a woman.

And He said: Let him
who is without sin
throw the first stone.

Those who heard this
went away one by one
- only the woman was left.

He said to her: I do not
condemn you. Go now.

Markus Schinwald
Austrian Pavilion
Venice Biennale 2011


  1. If there is a God then I think she is a woman anyway!

  2. I think God, if God exists, is neither man nor woman. I only use 'He' for convenience. Maybe we need a new word?

  3. I like that She gathers us up under her wings to protect us!!

  4. Gerry, that's a lovely thought.

  5. Yes, and I am mad as hell! And that's the problem! Hell is taking over!!! Enjoy your blog. If God were a woman, she would have put an end to this madness long ago!

  6. Hi Richard, Hell is nothing if nor persistent: The Dark Ages, The Inquisitions, The Third Reich, the present quest to establish an Orwellian 1984 system, or maybe it is Huxley's Brave New World (not yet sure which path we're heading down. Perhaps a mixture of both.)etc., but fortunately Goodness always triumphs in the End. It's certainly a long and unending struggle though.


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