Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Give me some truth

The above quotation comes from John Lennon. It serves to highlight a major problem in the world today. Politicians of every stripe and colour are unable to give us the truth. And the reason is as clear as the nose on your face.


Corruption in high places has been on the agenda for years. It is now the daily norm. But times, as they say, are changing. Fear is at work.

No-one knows how to handle the demonstrations and protests sweeping the globe. The traditional answer was a military crackdown or another war. But history teaches that these methods cannot succeed in the long run.

Today in the so-called western democracies politicians, fearing economic collapse and anarchy, are using the forces of law and order to shore up their precarious positions.

Peaceful protests are being broken-up by men in Darth Vader gear using tear gas, water cannon, rubber bullets, truncheons and pepper spray.

Intellectuals fear they will soon have no voice, blue collar workers fear they will soon have no jobs, the housewife fears she will soon have no bread to put on the table*, and the students fear they will have to spend the rest of their lives in deep financial debt.

The time has now come for the world's leaders to come clean. The big shake-up is here. It is not going to go away. Corruption in high places must now be exposed.

Those responsible for bringing the world to the edge of the pit must surely be dealt with. Financial meltdown and anarchy are the two sides of their counterfeit coin. War must follow.

Sadly, so far as one can see, nobody is standing up to save us. Not one person in a position of high authority is prepared to grasp the nettle of truth.

It's not looking too good.**
*1 in 3 US children reported to be living in poverty
** Mike Gravel (an ex-US senator) paints the following WWIII doomsday scenario: Israel bombs Iran, Iran bombs Israel, Israel nukes Iran, Pakistan nukes..., the US nukes..., China nukes...,


  1. Gwilym - you don't paint a happy picture of either now or the future.
    Sadly there is a lot of truth in what you say. I must say I am glad that I am old rather than young - I don't think I would wish to face the future with things as they are at present. But having said that I did go on the original Aldermaston marches and had a really gloomy view of the future then and I have had a wonderful life. I just worry for my grandchildren now.

  2. Pat. When a 70 year old poet laureate gets beaten to the ground by law enforcers in Darth Vader gear things have come to a pretty pass. Obama is not stepping up to the plate. There is no-one else so far as I can see. Cameron looks set to become another neo-warrior like Blair. It's bad.

  3. ps- you might like to look at my poem The Guardians on Poetry Rat. Makes the point I think.

  4. Even worse Pat! An 84-year old woman, retired school teacher, recently pepper sprayed by Seattle police says local mayors have lost control to Homeland Security etc.. It's almost like the Gestapo days from the videos I've seen at Democracy Now and RT.

  5. It seems like the 60s fifty years on only the WMD are disguised.

  6. Thanks Gerald, In an ominous statement the Russians are reserving the right to suspend the disarmament process and to target their missiles on Europe because of the continuing increasing specter of American interference as they perceive it. Ex-Senator Gravel (D-Alaska) reveals that the US spends more on defence (ie - making war) than the whole of the rest of the world. He cites the case of Vietnam where 3,000,000 "were murdered" (sic) in the fight against communism and the terrible crimes of Bush&Blair in Iraq. Vietnam is still a communist country but now enjoys favored nation status. In Kuala Lumpur a war crimes trial has got underway after two years of investigation. Bush and Blair are being tried for war crimes in absentia. The verdict is expect in 2 weeks. Finally the only nation in the middle East with WMD's is Israel, not Iran. Experts reckon they have 200.


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