Friday, 11 November 2011

Pictures at an exhibition. . .Part 2

Professors of eugenics and their ilk produced complicated maps and wall-charts such as the one below claiming to show the spread of different racial groups throughout Europe. These maps were used to support the Nazi's Herrenvolk theory; the idea that there was a superior race of blonde-haired blue-eyed people. This superior race was to be found only in the areas of the map coloured red.

The Poet-in-Residence has red hair and green eyes and was born in Wales (a blue coloured area). Obviously a threat to Herrenvolk theory!

Any potential slave-worker transported to Vienna from the Nazi-occupied lands to the east of Austria would be measured, photographed, fingerprinted and issued with identity papers. Any person being deemed, by reason of racial origin, unsuitable for producing offspring for the Reich would be sterilized on the orders of an appropriate doctor at Am Steinhof.

(to be continued...)

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