Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Poet-in-Residence group photo

opened a window
onto the world -
the crash of the glass!
George Szirtes reported on his blog about a singular need we have, which is to take instant photographs of ourselves as if to prove that we have been somewhere or other, or simply in order to admire ourselves.

Like George Szirtes I must confess that I also enjoy taking my photographic self-portrait in front of a mirror or other reflecting surface. But it isn't vanity. I think it's more a desire to see ourselves as others see us, as the poet Robbie Burns put it.

But maybe we are also subconsciously aware of some invisible Other beyond our vision - the heavenly voyeur, as I would term him. Or her. And so, equipped with an instant camera, we react accordingly.

I'll openly admit that I enjoy looking at photos taken by myself and of my self usually engaged in some mild nonsense or other.

As to the photos the news media wants me to pore over I have to say that I detest group photos featuring EU politicians lined up like recalcitrant schoolboys. Does anybody ever look at them? I can't bear too. The hypocrisy of it all almost makes me almost want to puke!


  1. I shall go immediately and take a photograph of myself in the mirrow - I have never tried it.

  2. Don't forget to say cheese ;)

  3. Do you think my latest post qualifies for this ? It's not me ...but me saying I was here!

  4. Gerry, it really has to be yourself. Great photo though.

  5. ps- but thanks, I now recall a similar photo to yours I have on file. I'll fish it out when the time is right.


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