Monday, 28 November 2011

WWIII Horror Scenario

On Sunday the Kronen Zeitung, Austria's best selling daily newspaper, included a graphic two-page spread outlining the first moves in what it calls the Israel-Iran Blitzkrieg Horror Scenario! or, if I can put it more bluntly, how World War III could begin tomorrow.

The Middle East stands on the verge of a war that could destroy the whole region. Or even most of the world.

Israel's Netanjahu is preparing a first strike against Iran says the Kronen Zeitung which quotes Netanjahu as saying: "If somebody wants to kill you, you have to kill him first."

This is a clear example of post-Holocaust mentality at its most dangerous.

Here is the Kronen Zeitung scenario:

Israel would attack Iran not only with its air force but with missiles fired from its submarines. Israel's 5 German produced Dolphin-class U-boats are reported to be equipped with nuclear weapons.

The paper goes on to claim that Iran's leader Ahmadinejad, speaking on Lebanon TV said: "Iran has decided that Israel must be extinguished."

The IAEA, with its HQ here in Vienna, has said that it believes that Iran is trying to build a nuclear bomb. Without question this would threaten Israel, says the Kronen Zeitung.

Ex-Mossad boss Meir Dagan warns Israel against attacking Iran. "Such an attack would be stupid. Israel would have to pay a terrible price," he says. Iran would retaliate with its Shahab-III rockets. Hundreds would be killed in Israel . . .

Iran's rockets could also reach parts of Europe. Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria and Rumania are within range.

And that's how Day 1 of WWIII could easily play out.

Day 2 is anybody's guess. Nuclear powers Russia and China have interests in Iran. Pakistan and India have nuclear weapons . . .

The way to stop this potential madness is for President Obama to act immediately and stop the Netanjahu plan before it goes any further.

The Palestinian question must then be seriously addressed by all parties. A just solution must be found.

The future of civilization is on the line. It cannot be allowed to depend on unpredictable events and the whims of various factions in the Middle East. There must be a forum where the region's problems can and will be thrashed out.

We need people with integrity to run this new forum. The usual suspects, those who have failed us before, must not be permitted to take part or to interfere in the process. They have proven time and again that their real interests lie beneath the sands and on the stock markets.

When the process has been completed there will then be no need for Israel to have nuclear weapons or for Iran or any other country to develop more nuclear weapons. There are already more than enough nuclear weapons to completely destroy every major city on the planet and bring on the nuclear winter.

The world's nuclear powers must return to the disarmament table.

"Jaw jaw is better than war war!" as Winston Churchill said.

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